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My purpose is to create an affordable and  accessible place to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy snacks should be in every household, and I will make sure they are in yours. With these snacks, our hope is to make eating healthy a routine you look forward to too. We hope you enjoy our hand-picked, high quality snacks!

Eating healthy isn't cheap. I have seen our grocery bills grow over the years as the children grow. We wish all the healthy food was the same price as the junk food. Seems a bit backwards in our minds.

In our home we believe that food is fuel and food is medicine. In my work as a Health Coach and Nutrition Response Testing practicioner, I have seen time and time again how food impacts us; for better or for worse. I also know there is a lot of information out there that makes it difficult to know what is actually healthy and nourishing, and what is just terrific marketing. 

I want to make healthy eating approachable and affordable for you. We do the leg work on analyzing the ingredients and buying snacks in a high volume so we can provide you with a peace of mind and a reasonable price. 

We spend the time at the store so you can save

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Finding high-quality, healthy food can be challenging, so leave that part to us. We have high standards when it comes to quality: 

Snacks hand-selected by a Certified Health Coach with your family in mind

Low sugar

No high-fructose corn syrup

No artificial sweeteners

No dairy, soy, or gluten

No artificial food dyes

No hydrogenated oils or canola oil

Snacks hand selected by a certified master health coach with your family in mind!

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