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About Us

Welcome! I’m Carson, a Certified Health Coach and soon to be mama. I have a passion for healthy living, with an even bigger focus on healthy food. It brings me joy to help families find healthy alternatives for foods they typically eat.

With a little one on the way, I have found myself becoming more aware of the extras in our snacks we choose to enjoy everyday. My goal is to offer the same selections to your family I would provide for my own. 

My goal is to not only provide you with healthy snacks, but also with recipes + healthier lifestyle tips. Follow along on the blog section. Thanks for being here! 




My Story

We know it's not easy to know which foods are actually healthy for your family so we've taken the guess work out of this process and hand selected foods that fit our standard of quality:

Snacks hand selected by a certified master health coach with your family in mind

Low Sugar

No high fructose corn syrup

No artificial sweeteners

No dairy, soy or gluten

No artificial food dyes

No hydrogenated oils or canola oil

Snacks hand selected by a certified master health coach with your family in mind!

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