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About Us

Welcome! I’m Krista, a Certified Master Health Coach and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. I have a passion for healthy living, with an even bigger focus on healthy food. It brings me joy to help families find healthy alternatives for foods they typically eat.

My journey started back in 2008 when I found out I had a sensitivity to gluten, dairy, and soy. From then on, I started to research every ingredient in the foods I was eating. During my research, I learned  there was more than just gluten, dairy, and soy that I should avoid.


Chemical additives, food colorings, gums, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, canola oil, and artificial sweeteners are just the beginning of a long list of harmful ingredients. These common ingredients can cause inflammation, bloating, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), headaches, migraines, fatigue, and hyperactivity.


Our children eat foods heavily packed with these ingredients on a daily basis, and are the primary target audience. From discovering the positive changes in my own body, I chose to prioritize the growth and wellness of my children as well. I took the time to choose foods I knew benefitted them in the long run, providing them with a set-up for success.

The food industry complicates the path to a healthy lifestyle by making processed foods more accessible.

During my work as a health coach, I found a lot of other families were struggling to do the same. As a result of the common struggle, Graze + Giggles was born!

There are tasty, healthy alternatives hidden between the processed foods, and my goal is to help you get your hands on them. Take my hand and let me guide you to a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Founder of Graze & Giggles 

My Story

We know it's not easy to know which foods are actually healthy for your family so we've taken the guess work out of this process and hand selected foods that fit our standard of quality:

Snacks hand selected by a certified master health coach with your family in mind

Low Sugar

No high fructose corn syrup

No artificial sweeteners

No dairy, soy or gluten

No artificial food dyes

No hydrogenated oils or canola oil

Something healthy and fun to look forward is in your mailbox!

My kids love receiving their own mail, and I bet your kids love getting mail, too! With our subscription box, your kids will have their own mail to look forward to every month!

Naturally, some kids are picky.  We take that into consideration when selecting our snacks, providing something for everyone. 


Included in each box is a note from my two children, As well as a fun activity. Occasionally, you may even find a fun surprise! 

​Eating healthy has only risen in price. I have seen our grocery bills grow right alongside my children. We wish healthy food was the same price as junk food, but for now we have to make the decision to do what is right. 


In our home, we believe food is fuel, and food is medicine. In my work as a Health Coach and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, I have seen numerous examples of  how food impacts us; for better or for worse. I see information spread blurring the line between healthy and unhealthy in disguise.  

Having a healthy lifestyle should be accessible and affordable for all families.  While we analyze the ingredients and buy the snacks, you can relax and enjoy high quality, healthy snacks at a reasonable price. 

We shop, you save!

Snacks hand selected by a certified master health coach with your family in mind!

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