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  • Valentine's Day Snack Box

Valentine's Day Snack Box


Our famous Valentine's Day boxes are back!


Each box contains:

-1 craft

-1 bubbles

- heart straw

-4-5 healthy snacks

-lots of confetti hearts!



    Our names are Kyra and Griffin. Griffin is 4 and a half and I (Kyra) am 7. We helped put together this box for you! Some of these snacks might be new to you but we think you will like them. There are some snacks that are sweet and some that are salty. We hope you enjoy these snacks. some might have chocolate, vanilla or nuts. I like these snacks and Griffin likes these snacks. These snacks are very healthy. They have lots of protein.


    I like Frozen II and Griffin likes Cars I, Cars II and Cars III. We like to play games and watch movies. I like to play basketball and Griffin is playing flag football. Our cousin is Theo. He likes to play with Griffin. My other cousins like to play with me. We like to play in the hammock at their house. That is what I like to do.


    See you next month!

    Kyra & Griffin

    Each box has a letter from our kids to yours!

    Why make us a part of your routine?

    An explanation from our founder!

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