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3 Easy Steps to Take to Improve Your Health

Updated: May 31

The word "diet" shouldn't be in our vocabulary anymore. We know fad diets just crash and burn. The "diet starts Monday" mentality is unhealthy and encourages mindless eating. We're here to help you create a new lifestyle that is sustainable. We want you to be able to take these 3 simple steps and implement them into your current lifestyle and habits.

Step One:

Find Your WHY

Your why is going to be what motivates you. What keeps you going. What is driving this change. Your why can be that you have an upcoming wedding and you want to look your best or maybe it's your high school reunion. Maybe you gained a lot of weight and you are sick of the way you feel because of it. Maybe you want to run in an upcoming marathon.

When you think about your "why" shouldn't it include your health? I mean just overall, a healthy heart, clean liver, clear arteries, strong muscles. Our "why" shouldn't include trying really hard to lose weight for a week or two. This is your life. Act as if your life depends on it-because your body does. Your body is trusting that you will take care of it and not run it into the ground. Eventually everything will catch up to you and it will show up in different ways. Migraines, psoriasis, IBS, brain fog, early signs of aging…

Choose a why that will make you shift your habits. A why that keeps the temptation of reverting back to old habits away. A why that will continue to drive you months and months after you began this process.

Step Two:

Pick Your Shift

My goal with my clients is to create a lifestyle that works for them. It is small steps to better health. It's not overnight changes, it's "shifts" that take time. Shifting your mind to see things differently. Shifting your mind to view healthy food as a good choice and not a punishment. Shifting your habits to ones that will make you feel better. Ultimately when your body feels better, your mind will feel better too. It's a process for sure. It's not going to be perfect but I challenge you to at least get started.

Now pick a “shift”. Something that you want to change slightly and something that you want to begin today. This isn't going to be life changing but that's the point. You are choosing a very small goal and you will continue to add on to that goal. Take one shift towards health and never break that cycle. Don't stop. Just keep looking forward. Keep making shifts. A year from now you won't even believe what you have accomplished.

Step Three:


Yup, I said it. Balance. I feel like it's a bad word. Is there such a thing as balance? I don't think that everything can be balanced at the same time. I do think that we can be in balance in certain areas at certain times. When you decide on your shift and you start to get on a roll with your new lifestyle, things will ultimately get in the way. You have the baby shower on Sunday, your mom made you your favorite lasagna, the baby was up all night and you didn't sleep, the flight was canceled and you had to stay in a hotel for a night. There are going to be obstacles that get in the way of your new lifestyle.

Instead of throwing away all of your hard work, you make a choice on a balanced next step. If there is a baby shower on Sunday and my new shift is not eating junk and they most likely will have junk at the baby shower I can make a few balanced choices. Maybe I decide to eat ahead of time and then only enjoy fruits and veggies at the shower or maybe I decide that I will enjoy what they have at the shower so for breakfast I have a light smoothie. Maybe I decide that I really want dessert so I make a balanced plan to have one cupcake or one slice of cake but nothing more. Maybe you pack a protein bar so that if you start to get hungry after eating the food at the shower, you dont gorge on chips.

Instead of mindlessly making decisions, you remember that you have your why. You remember that there can be such thing as balance. Balance will be what helps you sustain this healthy lifestyle. You can still go to the pizza place or the birthday party and stay on track with your goals. Make a balanced plan ahead of time. Make an agreement with yourself. Set yourself up for success. You know yourself the best. How can you make this plan successful? Balance is key!

Having a hard time figuring out what's healthy and what's not? Graze + Giggles has you covered! In my work as a Health Coach and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, I have seen numerous examples of how food impacts us; for better or for worse. I see information spread blurring the line between healthy and unhealthy in disguise.

In our home, we believe food is fuel, and food is medicine. Having a healthy lifestyle should be accessible and affordable for all families. While we analyze the ingredients and buy the snacks, you can relax and enjoy high quality, healthy snacks at a reasonable price. We know you will love these healthy snacks hand-selected by a Certified Master Health Coach with your health in mind.

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